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Mesophilic organisms
Organisms that develop at an average temperature (as a rule that’s 4-32°С).

A unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter.

A general term for saprophytic or parasitic fungi. Usually these are rather extensive colonies varied in form and colour. Moulds colonies are dust-like, velvety or scab-like.

(Lat. mусеlium)
The thallus of a fungus containing uni- and multi-cellular filaments (hyphae), a spawn.

The study of fungi.

The environment adjoining mycelium.


An organism living and feeding on another organism injuring and sometimes even destroying it.

Partial pressure
Gas or steam pressure in a mixture that this gas or steam could exert if its volume equaled that of the whole mixture.

(after Louis Paster)
In mushroom-growing – partial sterilization of substrate at the temperature of 60°С and for a certain exposure period.

(Greek Pathos+genos)
A morfibic organism which the causative agent of a disease.

(Lat. реstis+саеdrе)
A general term for chemicals used for pest control.

A formed mushroom fruit body

(Lat. primordium)
Rudiments of fruiting bodies. At first they are round-oblong while later emerge a cap and a stalk.


Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

shahbaz h.:

It looks good ,but how about production i.e mushroom kg/m2

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

Rajeev gupta:

Please Let me know the alternative used for Compost in place of chicken manure


?? ?? ??? ??? ???? ????? ????? ???

Arkansas, U.S.:

What size bags are used in the pictures and where is a good place to source them?

How long can mushrooms be kept fresh?

U.Harsha vardhan, Nellore,Andhra pradesh:

How to prevent inked caps in mushrooms

Proteins in compost at the end of phase II

Shaurya india:

I also agree with sir basic thi g is ti perform the phase 2 as per protocol rest observe it and done

Dmitry, Winnipeg, MB:

I am dealing with compost production for a few good years in different countries and I am not...

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

Shankar India:

Sir please send formula for compost
Preparation without chicken manure.
Email: shankarsoftwr@gmail...

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

Zainab noor, Karachi Pakistan:

Hello. I am eager to know what alternate you have used instead of poultry manure for nitrogen. Please...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Mr. Shaurya good day, Sorry I was on business travel. Because of it, I couldn't answer at your request...

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