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watering first flush mushrooms

watering first flush mushrooms

28 марта 2010


hi. would like to learn more about watering of first flush mushrooms.what is the right time? will it not make them yellow? will it increase quality of mushrooms? will it work with second flush mushrooms? any advice to increase quality of second, third flush?



  1. wasil, Malaysia, 15 июля:

    i suggest you not to water on mush just maintain the good humidity if you not have any auto system for it every 2-3hr give water on the floor and wall but stop it if the mush become sticky or got many blotch

  2. Edwin, Harare, 1 февраля 2023:

    Its best to water when pins are thumb size, increase air speed after watering so the surface of the mushrooms can dry to prevent bacterial blotch and discoloration. Its best to avoid watering mature mushrooms if possible. Take care not to wet the compost, the amount of water added should wet the casing only. Maintain 85-95% humidity, this will reduce the rate of evaporation and you should be able to get to the next flush break without watering again. Quality depends on several factors including adequate amount of water, proper ventilation as fruiting stage requires oxygen, quality of the compost, keeping pests such as the phorid, sciariad fly and other diseases under control. After harvesting, fill the gaps that form in the casing immediately so that the exposed pins are covered so they wont dry out, this will help improve subsequent flushes

  3. Sinda, 28 мая 2022:

    Babbal ?

  4. nalagarh, 30 августа 2018:

    Watering for 1st 2nd flush for better quality &quantity

    • Patiala, 28 мая 2022:


  5. uhyen,thimphu, Bhutan, 30 мая 2018:

    how can i stop green molds growing on mushroom bags. plz suggest me.

  6. Anwer Zaib Karachi Pakistan, 5 февраля 2018:

    Dear Everybody

    How are you
    I am Anwer Zaib from Karachi Pakistan
    I am interested in Button mushrooms Agricus bisporus Cultivation Technology
    Please guide me
    Thanking you

  7. ahmet turkey, 12 января 2018:

  8. Ahmet T?RK?YE, 12 января 2018:


  9. shankar khandelwal, sonipat,haryana,indi, 23 декабря 2017:


  10. Aurangabad, 15 февраля 2017:

    Is it necessary to apply water daily...on mushroom beds?
    And direct application of water on bed is it injurious for mushroom growth?
    What does it affect please tell....

    • linda, 17 мая 2017:

      sir pliz tell me about the irrigation requirements of the mushroom cultivated in plastic bags with straw??? it's been 12 days since cultivation and the vapour inside the bag almost gone and the straw starts drying.... what shall I do now??? if I apply water directly inside the bag I would like to know it ll spoil mushroom or not???

  11. sathish, 8 марта 2016:

    i need help for growing room after watering. because i tried so many things but still i don t correct way. i have climate

  12. Toronto, 4 февраля 2016:

    let me read first

    • ali, 4 ноября 2016:

      What present color need

  13. Jovanovic Ljiljana, 5 мая 2012:

    Dear Mr. Donal,
    It will not help to add Calcium in Compost Third Faze,
    Control color of mushroom you have to do, with very accurately climate control.
    Watering mushrooms in proper way and climate control, can make your mushroom white..
    Best regards.

  14. Anonymous, 5 мая 2012:

    what can be done to improve mushroom colour. could calcium mixed into phase 3 compost at filling help?

  15. Anonymous, 17 апреля 2010:

    Mr Abdollahi
    Chlor you can use, to watering mushrooms, when start to grow primordials,
    CaCl2, (Calcium dichloride) in concentration of 0,1 % for beginning.
    It means that you give 100 Lt. water / 0,1 kg. CaCl2 / 100 m2.
    You can use it few times, not regularly, before first flush ,and before Second flush of mushrooms. Minimum one day before start to pick mushrooms stop with watering.
    But, Chlor, will not help you, if you not dry mushrooms after watering, enters 2 hours.
    Chlor, is helping mushrooms to be whiter, and Calcium help mushrooms tissue to growing. It will give mushrooms whiter color, and longer shelf life.
    Watering is very important, but dangerous, if is not properly worked.
    After watering, mushrooms, they must be dry, not water on surface of mushrooms.
    But, important are, air and compost temperatures, ventilation speed, fresh air, Oxygenation, and relative humidity of air, (fresh and room air)
    Calcium dichloride, helps, but not make miracle.
    Best regards.

  16. Anonymous, 15 апреля 2010:

    Mr. Pavel.
    You must control air humidity, during mushrooms formation,
    and during picking period.
    Dry air, rapid air movement, will give you mushrooms,
    with scaly "skin".
    But, it can happen, if you do not have possibility to give humid air, when start ventilation.
    Generally, air humidity 95 % - primordials formation, 92 %- 90 % as mushrooms growing. This will help evaporation and prevent scaly skin.
    But, you must control air speed, quantity of air recirculated,
    and quantity of fresh air, and does external air is wet or dry.
    Go slowly when you decide to change climate. Very careful.
    Best regards.

  17. Anonymous, 11 апреля 2010:

    Dear Ljiljana. thanks for answers. be honest with U, didn't know about watering primordias much and the rest what U wrote to me. i don't water primordias of first flush now. but will try with small water. first flush sometimes scaly. maybe water will help to get smoothier, solider mushrooms. Last two weeks second flushes are not too bad, quolity and yield. third flushes are same. don't know, or its becouse i start to water little bit more beetwen flushes and give more calcium chloride or quolity of compost is better. this week third flush flats were really good and plenty of them(about 30% more than usually).all three flushes in this house were good and gave 340kg of mush from ton of comp. but usually not that the minute i have more quastions than answers to growing of mushrooms and much too learn ahead. U grow mush?
    thanks that found time to answer me. be delighted if U write me.sincerely pavel

  18. Anonymous, 10 апреля 2010:

    HI sir.

    who much of chlorine can be add in watering to prevents diseases.
    and when can i use it ?

  19. Anonymous, 9 апреля 2010:

    Dear Mr. Pavel,
    Watering is the most important part of mushrooms growing.
    First, watering, beginning immediately after casing soil.
    When you start with disinfection, you start with watering.
    Before scratching, you have to give water sufficiently to have good growing of mycelium in casing soil. Dry casing will not give good mycelium growing, and after that no good mushrooms can be produced. Casing soil, must be in first few days, wet sufficiently to provide mycelium good conditiones, to growing from compost, and giving good hifal mass.
    This quantity of water is also for growing procedure without scratching casing soil.
    But anyhow, before start cooling down, generally 10-15 liters of water, / m².

    When mushrooms forms primordios, you start to watering and this part of watering, will depend of quantity of mushrooms, you will have on casing surface.
    But by book: kg. mushrooms / liters water / m².

    First few days, when primordios are small, ½ litters of water/ m², /daily.
    But later 1-2 liters of water / m² /day.
    Last watering day before start of picking mushrooms,
    During picking mushrooms, not watering, but before end of first flush, even picking of mushrooms not finished , you must start to watering by 0,5 liters of water / m² /day,
    To prepare, to have primordios ready to start forming, in wet casing soil..
    To first 2 flushes of mushrooms:
    How much mushrooms so much water/ m²,or 1,2 liters of water / 1 kg of mushrooms/ m².
    In third flush, less water, bur more oxidation and higher temperature for 1-2°C, in the air, to promote primordios growing.
    But anyhow, you must maintain casing soil, humid, all time of mushrooms picking to have good mushrooms.
    After watering, in to 2 hours, mushrooms must be dried, to avoid Bacterial blotch,
    And yellow discoloration on surface of mushrooms.
    But watering, is tricky job, it depend of casing material, (ground, or peat moss)
    Structure of this material, type of mushrooms, big mushrooms, more water,
    Big number of mushroom's head, more water,
    Higher compost and air temperatures, more water evaporated, from casing soil,
    More water is needed….
    I hope this will help you and give some answers.
    Sincerely Ljiljana


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