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Extensive method of mushroom growing
Mushroom growing under natural conditions


Fruiting body
The cap and the stalk of a fungi.

(Lat. fungus + caedre )
Chemicals that destroy fungi.


The genetic constitution of an organism, the sum-total of all genes localized in its chromosomes. In a broader sense the term denotes the sum-total of all hereditiary traits of an organism.

Gobtage (Fr. Gobtage) (or laying cover-mixture)
The procedure of coating mycelium-bearing substrate with a thin layer of cover material where fruiting bodies primordia are to form. Gobtage is practiced in agaric cultures cultivation mostly.

Grain mycelium
The grain inoculated with mycelium. It is used for the extensive dissemination of mycelium in substrate.

A room to grow agarics. There are also chambers used to pasteurize compost, germinate mycelium and so on. We single out mono- and polyzonal agaric-growing systems depending on the number of chambers assigned for all the growth-stages from sowing mycelium to cropping.


(Greek heteros – another + rophe - nutrition, living on organic matter)
The name for organisms that have to live on processed substances that are already assimilated by other organisms. All fungi are heterotrophs.

An instrument for determining air humidity.

A spore-bearing layer on the underside of a cap. The layer is spread on special outgrowths known as hymenophore. Agaricales (e. g. agarics) hymenophore consists of gills called hymenium gills.

Special outgrowths under blewits flesh with a spore-bearing layer (hymenium) on their surface.

(sing. Hypha) (from the Greek word hyphe - tissue, web)
Thin microscopic uni- and multi-cellular filaments forming fungi thalli (mycelium) and fruiting bodies (carpophores).

Microscopic medium surronding hyphae.


Proteins in compost at the end of phase II

Shaurya india:

I also agree with sir basic thi g is ti perform the phase 2 as per protocol rest observe it and done

Dmitry, Winnipeg, MB:

I am dealing with compost production for a few good years in different countries and I am not...

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

Shankar India:

Sir please send formula for compost
Preparation without chicken manure.
Email: shankarsoftwr@gmail...

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

Zainab noor, Karachi Pakistan:

Hello. I am eager to know what alternate you have used instead of poultry manure for nitrogen. Please...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Mr. Shaurya good day, Sorry I was on business travel. Because of it, I couldn't answer at your request...

Mushrooms in the basement (third part)

ferasof syria:

its m3

Shaurya Hoshiarpur punjab:

Sir you please go for decomposed coir pith, that’s the best casing material for mushrooms as it has almost...

Shaurya Hoshiarpur Punjab india:

For flies I would suggest take a bulb holder and fit bulb and wrap it with polythene bag and than apply...

How long can mushrooms be kept fresh?


I am from. Chennai, India. Interested in attending a mushroom course at your place.. Kindly advise...

How long can mushrooms be kept fresh?


Which grade of formalin use for mushrooms

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