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(lt. absorptio sucking up)
The act of absorbing substances from a solution or a gas mixture by a solid or liquid. Unlike in the case of adsorption the process is going in the whole absorbent.

The quality of solutions and damp substrates characterized by the number of hydrogen irons in water.

A product extracted from algae and used as the nutrient medium for growing sterile cultures.

Agaric bed
A mass of substrate for agaric growing stacked in a special way. It can be stowed on the floor, in boxes, packets, etc.

The order of fungi with gill-hymenophore.

Agaricus bisporus
One of the few fungi species that are subject to cultivation. Moreover, cultivated agarics are more useful, tasty and aromatic than wild ones. The cap of new mushrooms is convex, mature mushrooms have flat caps up to 15 sm. in diameter. The edges are down-fold. The pellicle is usually white, cream or brown (then it has small scales). The underside of small mushrooms caps is covered with soft pellicle hiding pink gills which later grow dark-brown with a hue of violet. When torn the pellicle leaves a dark ring on a stalk. The flesh is sturdy, white turning pink when cut. The fungi have a delicious mushroom flavour.

Air humidity
(relative humidity)
The ration of the amount of water vapour actually present in the air to the greatest amount possible at the same temperature, expressed as percentage.

The ability of a fungus to restrain other organisms growth or make it impossible by secreting certain substances in the growing mycelium.


Sexual spore-bearing organ of basidial fungi which is mace- and sometimes tuber-like or elongated in form. Its surface can bear up to 4 spores (basidiospores).

The class of fungi producing spores on basidias.

A term standing for pressed and mycelium-sawn substrate (compost) mass packed in perforated plastic film.


The fruiting body of higher fungi (fungi stands for mushrooms here).

A compost pile stowed stacked by a special tossing combine. It is about 2 m high and wide and may be more than 40 m long. A clamp are not to be packed too tightly, otherwise there will be no air circulation inside and microorganisms wont grow actively enough.

(Germ. mst)
The mixture of straw, dung or hens excrements and different organic or mineral fertilizers. The main source of nutrition for agaric mycelium.

To condition means to bring into line with set norms and standards. In mushroom-growing the term relates to aeration procedure (e. g. conditionong compost on pasteurizing it or conditioning growth-chamber to set fruiting bodies)

Cover layer
The layer of water-retentive materials mixture which is applied on the substrate to encourage fruiting bodies formation.

Containers for mushroom picking. They can be for one-time or many-times use. They are made out of plastic or carton.


A preparation for fly control.


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Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

JKSingh , Lucknow, India:

We have developed formulations of making compost without chicken manure. It yields similar or even better...

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

JKSingh, Lucknow, India:

We have developed formulations of making compost without chicken manure. It yields similar or even better...

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watering first flush mushrooms


Babbal ?

watering first flush mushrooms



Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...


I try to make my compost without chicken manure.
I use soya meal only without urea or chicken manure...

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