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Long lace webs of hyphae. They carry water and nutrients from the mycelium to fruiting bodies and ensure fungi life under unfavourable conditions.

A rim left from sectional veil on brewits stalk.


An organism living on the remains of plants and animals turning organic matter into the inorganic one.

Fungi living on dead organic matter, mainly on the decayed parts of plants. Their feed by decomposing dead plant remains.

Sectional veil
The protective coat of fungi hymenium spanned from the cap edge and a stalk. As a fungi matures it tears to release formed spores.

Sowing mycelium
Sterilized wheat, rye or millet inoculated with mycelium germinated from spores or fungi tissue. It is delivered to mushroom-growers in special plastic bags or bottles.

(or mycelium), a typical fungi body found in substrate consisting of very thin interwoven branched web-like filaments (hypha).

The reproductive cells («seeds») of fungi, bacteria and plants.

(Lаt. sterilis)
Disinfection, the act of annihilating microorganisms with a high temperature, chemicals or by filtration.

A group of microporganisms (e. g. fungi) with its own peculiarities and strong points. (like a plant kind or an animal breed)

A compact pillow-like mass of mycelium, formed on the compost or cover mixture. It indicates that a mushroom will reproduce asexually.

(Lat. substratum)
The material on which mycelium grows (this can be a tree, soil, compost, grain, etc.).

Substrate dampness
(absolute humidity)
The degree of moisture in the substance expressed in %. The index is calculated according to the formula Humidity = (wet weight – dry weight)/dry weight*100%


The process of stowing substrate tightly. Note that substrate is not exactly tamped: e. g. while stowing compost into the substrate is compressed under 100kg/m pressure, i. e. slightly tamped.

The first stage
The first composting stage, during which raw materials are mixed, moistened and processed into the nutrient medium for growing mushrooms.

The second stage
The stage, during which mushroom compost is pasteurized and conditioned.

Thermal probe
A device for measuring the temperature in the compost

Microscopic organisms growing and reproducing at a rather high temperature (70ºС).

Simultaneous mass mushroom maturing.

Tedding a substrate pile while composting it and turning it upside down.


amir ommati:

thx a lot for your best answer to my mr tsarev.
1-for your first qustion i saw mycogone in day 13...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Amir Ommati!
On which day after the application of peat to compost, the first signs of a mikogon...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Fouzi
You will be contacted by my partner. He is an Arab and you will be comfortable with him...

watering first flush mushrooms


sir pliz tell me about the irrigation requirements of the mushroom cultivated in plastic bags with straw...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Emmanuel Chimanga!
I'm sorry that I could not immediately answer you. The usual depth of...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Fouad Dagher
Tunnels of 2 phases (pasteurization) of compost are made at the location of the...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Ali Karim!
I apologize for not being able to answer you right away.
Please send more information...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Hai Nguyen!
The usual depth of the cover layer is 4-6 cm. Weight is 26-30 kg per 1 m2. It depends...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Shahar!
I do not use formalin for a long time. The best way to disinfect the growth chambers...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Tejpal!
These mites usually live in the feathers of chickens. If there was a lot of cold compost...

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