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Mesophilic organisms
Organisms that develop at an average temperature (as a rule that’s 4-32°С).

A unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter.

A general term for saprophytic or parasitic fungi. Usually these are rather extensive colonies varied in form and colour. Moulds colonies are dust-like, velvety or scab-like.

(Lat. mусеlium)
The thallus of a fungus containing uni- and multi-cellular filaments (hyphae), a spawn.

The study of fungi.

The environment adjoining mycelium.


An organism living and feeding on another organism injuring and sometimes even destroying it.

Partial pressure
Gas or steam pressure in a mixture that this gas or steam could exert if its volume equaled that of the whole mixture.

(after Louis Paster)
In mushroom-growing – partial sterilization of substrate at the temperature of 60°С and for a certain exposure period.

(Greek Pathos+genos)
A morfibic organism which the causative agent of a disease.

(Lat. реstis+саеdrе)
A general term for chemicals used for pest control.

A formed mushroom fruit body

(Lat. primordium)
Rudiments of fruiting bodies. At first they are round-oblong while later emerge a cap and a stalk.


amir ommati:

thx a lot for your best answer to my mr tsarev.
1-for your first qustion i saw mycogone in day 13...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Amir Ommati!
On which day after the application of peat to compost, the first signs of a mikogon...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Fouzi
You will be contacted by my partner. He is an Arab and you will be comfortable with him...

watering first flush mushrooms


sir pliz tell me about the irrigation requirements of the mushroom cultivated in plastic bags with straw...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Emmanuel Chimanga!
I'm sorry that I could not immediately answer you. The usual depth of...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Fouad Dagher
Tunnels of 2 phases (pasteurization) of compost are made at the location of the...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Ali Karim!
I apologize for not being able to answer you right away.
Please send more information...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Hai Nguyen!
The usual depth of the cover layer is 4-6 cm. Weight is 26-30 kg per 1 m2. It depends...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Shahar!
I do not use formalin for a long time. The best way to disinfect the growth chambers...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Tejpal!
These mites usually live in the feathers of chickens. If there was a lot of cold compost...

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