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The main role of water in compost pasteurization

The main role of water in compost pasteurization

6 июля 2014

what is the main role of water in ammonium releasing during compost pasteurization ?



  1. rajesh rai new delhi, 8 марта 2015:

    pl.button mushroom compost tip and bunkar

  2. Alexander Tsarev, 22 июля 2014:

    If the compost is too dry, then for a full life of microorganisms metabolizing ammonia is not enough water. If water is too much, the compost is too heavy and dense, leading to a lack of oxygen for the same microorganisms. In the first case, getting rid of the ammonia will be difficult, but the mushrooms will be with some chance to use the compost. In the second case, the consequences will be more negative, as anaerobic microorganisms will work in pasteurization tunnel, resulting in unusable for living mushroom compost.


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Shaurya india:

I also agree with sir basic thi g is ti perform the phase 2 as per protocol rest observe it and done

Dmitry, Winnipeg, MB:

I am dealing with compost production for a few good years in different countries and I am not...

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Shankar India:

Sir please send formula for compost
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Email: shankarsoftwr@gmail...

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Zainab noor, Karachi Pakistan:

Hello. I am eager to know what alternate you have used instead of poultry manure for nitrogen. Please...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Mr. Shaurya good day, Sorry I was on business travel. Because of it, I couldn't answer at your request...

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ferasof syria:

its m3

Shaurya Hoshiarpur punjab:

Sir you please go for decomposed coir pith, that’s the best casing material for mushrooms as it has almost...

Shaurya Hoshiarpur Punjab india:

For flies I would suggest take a bulb holder and fit bulb and wrap it with polythene bag and than apply...

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