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Question No.61

27 января 2020

Do you know of any software for keeping track of compost production? e.g. weight/amount type ingredients added to a batch? Track the time in the various stages of fermentation and attach additional records (Temp, lab results etc) that would be useful later on when working out the best batches for yield?



  1. Dmitry, Winnipeg, MB, 17 февраля 2020:

    I am dealing with compost production for a few good years in different countries and I am not aware of any software as of now. I am using simple exel spreadsheet where I gazer all information regards all stages manually, as I receive lab results. Later on I am able to compare the best (or worst) yielding batches and try to figure consequences affecting production. Unfortunately so many variables there, it is virtually impossible to find what leading to good production based only on figures. There are much more "on tips of your fingers". Also, I know inside info that CNC many times tried to create such a task for their practicing students, so they spent quite a bit of time and effort to create a system you mention about however it's went to nowhere for the reason above. Let me know if you would like further explanation how I do it.
    Best regards,


Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

Yadagiri, Coimbatore, tamilnadu, India:

Compost found green mould sr:12
What is couses green mould


Me pasa lo mismo


Hi Sir ! Sir after 8 day of spawning I found mites and larva at farm can you Pls suggest what can I do...

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

Arti india:

Please let me know the option of nitrogen producing compost with out chicken,my mail id artidarda@gmail...


Thanks sir si nice of you


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sean toronto ontario canada:

Can you help me understand the plenum in the aerated tunnel? I need to know what calculations i need...

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Muhammad Abbas, Peshawar, Pakistan:

I would like to serve my services for Kazakhstan mushroom companies or Russian...

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

shahbaz h.:

It looks good ,but how about production i.e mushroom kg/m2

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

Rajeev gupta:

Please Let me know the alternative used for Compost in place of chicken manure

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