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The main role of water in compost pasteurization

The main role of water in compost pasteurization

6 2014

what is the main role of water in ammonium releasing during compost pasteurization ?



  1. rajesh rai new delhi, 8 2015:

    pl.button mushroom compost tip and bunkar

  2. Alexander Tsarev, 22 2014:

    If the compost is too dry, then for a full life of microorganisms metabolizing ammonia is not enough water. If water is too much, the compost is too heavy and dense, leading to a lack of oxygen for the same microorganisms. In the first case, getting rid of the ammonia will be difficult, but the mushrooms will be with some chance to use the compost. In the second case, the consequences will be more negative, as anaerobic microorganisms will work in pasteurization tunnel, resulting in unusable for living mushroom compost.


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levsam, Nairobi:

many thanks to this website.i would like to know why is preferably to use forest soil instead of farm...

Compost Production. Personal opinion(Part 2)

Yogesh awana ,Gurgaon:

I am new to Button Mushroom though I have done the technical course from DMR, Solan HP
I want you...

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ankit raheja, new delhi:

dear sir,

could you suggest the compost formula to obtain 2.1 to 2.5% nitrogen.
through which...

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...


PLEASE SEND YOUR FORMULA without-chicken-manure-compost

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Beatriz souza:

Gostaria de saber mais sobre o material usado na cobertura

Rajeev khan, kangra:

Nitrogen problem and good quality of material. Proper aeration need phase1.. Technical.

Compost Production. Personal opinion(Part 2)


Elumalai 9626223812

Compost Production. Personal opinion(Part 2)


I am interesting watch button mushroom compost preparation is isley to thanks for you by Eluma...

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saber from mallard mushroom iran:

Hi to achieve 2.1% N at the end of phase II you should use 75% of chicken manure and 10kg sulfate amonium...

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