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Question No.32

7 2016

I take two flushes with 13.5 % production. would you please help me about my third flush,i have a problem with it. my third flushes pins is very low and two day after they grow they turned yellow. why does it happen and how i can solve it ? All conditions related to humidity, fresh air, watering, co-2 level, oxigen, temp. etc same as perpose in books.
what specification of water is required for white button mushroom production ? pH, EC, cloride flooride, sulphate, nitrates, etc.

Ami chand saharan


  1. Delhi, 28 2016:

    have you found any solution to this, please advice


Compost Production. Personal opinion(Part 2)

levsam, Nairobi:

many thanks to this website.i would like to know why is preferably to use forest soil instead of farm...

Compost Production. Personal opinion(Part 2)

Yogesh awana ,Gurgaon:

I am new to Button Mushroom though I have done the technical course from DMR, Solan HP
I want you...

Compost Formula

ankit raheja, new delhi:

dear sir,

could you suggest the compost formula to obtain 2.1 to 2.5% nitrogen.
through which...

Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...


PLEASE SEND YOUR FORMULA without-chicken-manure-compost

How long can mushrooms be kept fresh?

Beatriz souza:

Gostaria de saber mais sobre o material usado na cobertura

Rajeev khan, kangra:

Nitrogen problem and good quality of material. Proper aeration need phase1.. Technical.

Compost Production. Personal opinion(Part 2)


Elumalai 9626223812

Compost Production. Personal opinion(Part 2)


I am interesting watch button mushroom compost preparation is isley to thanks for you by Eluma...

Compost Formula

saber from mallard mushroom iran:

Hi to achieve 2.1% N at the end of phase II you should use 75% of chicken manure and 10kg sulfate amonium...

watering first flush mushrooms


Watering for 1st 2nd flush for better quality &quantity

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