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Sanitation and hygiene regulations (the compost yard)

Workers on the compost yard must follow the following rules while carrying out their jobs:

Compost preparation (phase 1 composting)

1. Keep clean the room and the territory adjacent to it, along with the area for storing raw materials. The scattering of straw, poultry manure and other materials must not be allowed.

2. Avoid the storage of spent compost near straw and other raw materials.

3. Make sure the straw and other materials are stored properly.

4. Thoroughly wash, clean and if necessary, disinfect all mechanisms and equipment after the work is finished.

5. Check the condition of machinery and equipment and do some repair jobs in advance. If any troubles occur during this process, they must be eliminated in a short period of time.

6. Transport the compost to pasteurization tunnels only in thoroughly washed and cleaned transport vehicles.

7. Do not allow the use of machinery and equipment at filling the compost into pasteurization tunnels for other jobs (filling and transporting spent compost and the removal of mushroom wastes).

8. After unloading, the remains of compost have to be immediately removed from the room, and the floor, machinery and equipment have to be washed.

9. Regularly (once in two weeks) clean the reservoir for recycled water.

10. If necessary, carry out a chemical treatment and disinfection inside and around the compost yard in order to control flies, nematodes etc.

Filling the pasteurization tunnels

1. Make sure the pasteurization tunnels are clean beforehand, (the cellar, metallic grates, nets, materials and boards must be thoroughly washed and cleaned).

Washing of the tunnel material
2. In the evening, a day before filling, check if the machinery and equipment is clean and ready to work.

The remains of compost on equipment

The remains of compost on equipment
3. After the work is done, thoroughly wash and clean machinery and equipment, the floor, sewer traps and adjacent territory.

4. Look after the cleanness of the room and the machinery and equipment in it throughout the whole time. (It is forbidden to store empty crates, shovels, brooms and other inventory in the room in front of the tunnel).

5. Fill the tunnels according to the technology (evenly, layer by layer up to an indicated mark). Install sensors of compost and air temperature. After the filling is done, the doors must be immediately closed and sealed.
It is forbidden for workers, who are filling the tunnel to appear in a clean corridor, and a dirty corridor also, while applying the casing layer and filling the growing rooms.

Unloading the compost from a tunnel

1. Before beginning the job, insure and check the cleanness of machinery and all the equipment, used for unloading the tunnels and transporting the pasteurized compost to the farm in the end of the working day. (If any malfunctions are discovered, inform the personnel right away).

2. Transport the compost to the pasteurization tunnels only in washed and thoroughly cleaned transportation. The route of transportation mustn’t be close to the place where spent compost and mushroom wastes are stored.

3. After the work is done, thoroughly wash and clean machinery and equipment, the floor, sewer traps and adjacent territory.



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