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The mushrooms role In increasing the prolificacy of agricultural holdings and an economical effectiveness of cereal crop cultivation wheat and rye.

10 2009


1. Prolificacy

The value of the agricultural holdings is determined by the prolificacyof its lands. Its not likely that someone will try to argue with this. The term prolificacy can be considered as the ability of the soil to give a high yield. This ability basically depends on two groups of factors the content of nutrients and the possibilities of their use.

The nutrients are nitrogen, phosphor and potassium and a rather large group of microelements. The second factor is the physico-mechanical propertiesproperties of the soil, like its moisture capacity, porosity and texture, water retaining capacity and others. The soil that is characterized by optimal correlation of both groups parameters will be standard in prolificacy and crop capacity. In the rural economy of Russia, various types of black earth are considered as this kind of soils.

Where does prolificacy come from? Whats its formation mechanism? How are black earth and soils obtained? The answers to these questions will help you in farming without exhausting the soil, but constantly increasing its prolificacy, thus increasing the cost efficiency of this branch.

So, what is the root of prolificacy? Its the amazing ability of plants, due to which life became possible on Earth photosynthesis. Its the ability of plants to produce organic matter practically from air. Due to a unique substance chlorophyll, organic matter is formed out of carbon dioxide and sunlight. This organic fertilizer that enters the soil along with the remains of plants determines this soils prolificacy. Moreover, this process forms the soil itself, but very slowly. The formation of 1 cm of a prolific layer takes about a thousand years (!). (!). Moreover, the addition of organic matter to the soil solves the problem of both groups of factors that determine the prolificacy of this soil. Which cannot be said when only mineral fertilizer is used. We would certainly add nutrition, but the physico-mechanical properties of the soil wont improve. Moreover, the occurring mineralization and salinization of the soil can cause damage.

2. The analysis of ordinary grain farming

Suppose that 30 centners of wheat grew on 1 hectare of a field. What does that mean? That means that the plants produced about 7-8 tons of organic substance per hectare (and that is along with the straw). Under natural conditions, this organic matter should have entered the soil, enriching it. But we cant plow everything that grew into the soil. Grain is sold as food for humans and animals. And the straw is exported, or burned on the spot. This way, theres no way for organic matter to enter the soil. And the worst thing is that when the straw is being burned, an organic substance that has formed in the surface layer of the soil is also burned. The most active micro flora that plays the most important role in the formation of this soils prolificacy, is also burned. As it was said above, the application of mineral fertilizer can compensate the loss of nutrients but can never compensate the loss of organic matter and micro flora. In the end, this system of farming will not only decrease the efficiency of the use of soil, but also will decrease the soils prolificacy. What to do? The answer is simple give the earth what belongs to it organic matter. . Soil is a living creature which consists of many living organisms which feed on this organic matter. Nobody had learned to live without food yet.

3. Mushrooms

A question concerning the relation of the cultivation of these mushrooms and the soils prolificacy has formed long ago. The thing is, in order to cultivate mushrooms, special compost. is needed. The basic raw materials used for the preparation of this compost are straw poultry manure. In the process of this compost preparation, these components undergo the same changes, as the plant remains during the process of soil formation. But very fast! In 12 weeks, from the moment of compost filling, we obtain wonderful organic fertilizer which is suitable not only for immediate use, but also for further treatment in order to make the perfect organic fertilizer biogumus. And whats the most remarkable is that two tons of compost can be obtained out of one ton of straw. That is, with the above mentioned prolificacy, therell be 10-12 tons of wonderful fertilizer per hectare. Of course thats not much, but its much better than nothing, which we get when we burn the straw. And thats not to mention the good condition of the soils micro flora and all living organisms that determine the prolificacy of this soil.And this guarantees the increase of this soils prolificacy.

4. Economics

The profit made from selling crop from one hectare is about 9000 rubles. 3000 kg for 3 rubles. Maybe, the purchasing price for grain will increase this year, but its not likely that it will be much higher.

Let me state that this is total gain and not clear profit.

With 30 tons of grain per hectare, 5-6 tons of straw can be obtained. Each ton of compost along with 2 tons of wonderful organic fertilizer, which was mentioned above will allow the cultivation of the additional 0,5 tons of mushrooms. 2,5-3 tons of mushrooms can be obtained from one hectare.

The minimal cost for a kilogram of mushrooms is 50 rubles. The sum total is 125000-150000 rubles. The minimal efficiency of a mushroom farm is 40-50% (can reach higher than 100%). The clear profit from a hectare of grain is 35000-50000 rubles. At a maximal efficiency and a normal cost of a kilogram of mushrooms count for yourselves. And in addition to that, the technology weve formulated will allow the use of ordinary agricultural equipment, that exists practically on each farm. Not to mention the houses, for out-of-operation barns and pigsties are everywhere.

5. Partnership

If this subject will be of interest for anyone, please contact us. Were always glad to collaborate under mutually beneficial conditions!

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Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible...

JKSingh, Lucknow, India:

We have developed formulations of making compost without chicken manure. It yields similar or even better...

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