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Compost production. The Personal opinion (Part 1)

28 ноября 2011

compost, compost production

Tsarev Alexander Vladimirovich
Everything has a essence, which includes nature and purpose of it and the mechanism how to use it, for production. Without essence nothing can be. The success of any activity is determined primarily by how present in it mechanism of manifestation of essence of this activity. Development of new computers, the creation of compost for mushroom production, knowledge of the universe, absolutely any activity is doomed to inferior results without understanding the essence of what is happening.

Compost for mushrooms. Realities

Based on many years of communication with the cultivators, the study of various publications (which were available to me), articles from the Internet, my posts on the forum site, questions of the letters, and even a doctorate. We can safely conclude - unfortunately, in working with technology compost for mushrooms, dominated by an approach based solely on the finding of some ready-made solutions, as the copying of individual elements, and technologies as a whole. There is also a search for hidden secrets that make it possible to be without going into details, to get the perfect compost. Most visits to other production, especially abroad, participation in seminars pursue precisely this goal. Compounding the situation blind faith in the printed word, even if the printed source contains little information on the preparation of suitable compost from the economic and technological sides.

Various figures and organizations operating under the flag of mushroom, while powerless to change this situation, unless of course, such a task before them is, in principle.

All this has led to the fact that the production of compost for mushroom elevated to something supernatural linked to a very great expense and with the obligatory participation of representatives of foreign mushroom business. As a natural result - Russia's only real commercial production of compost and a complete surrender to the supply of mushroom from abroad.

The purpose of this article - to try at least to some extent removed from the topic composting moral and psychological pressure of the press to convey to the mushroom, as has already taken place, and just to all interested in this subject, that the preparation of a good compost is quite realistic in the economic, technical and technological aspects of production on any level. However, I am aware that my knowledge of the compost is very modest, but nevertheless, their volume allows us to hope that the goal is at least to some extent been achieved.

Where do you start by deciding to engage in compost? Probably from the beginning – to understanding what is compost? There is a very good saying: "Everything what is new - it is well forgotten old." One of the "old" languages is available on the Internet - it is Latin. Scored a translator from the Latin word in a variety of compost, left a lot of interesting information. Up to, form a complicated, order, add to, certain, to build - this is not a complete list issued by the words. Therefore, in other words, we can say that the compost – it an organic substance containing a complex ordered substance. A composting - the process of creating this substance. Now it remains for small to understand on what basis, from which and in what conditions created by this complex - ordered substance.

To understand this, and to determine the terms and conditions of this process, you need to know what makes compost really: compost, and that this complex is ordered substance? The answer to this question is in almost every print publication, in which mention of compost for mushrooms. This is nitrogen-rich lignin-humus complex, or in a simplified form - humus. This is a complex-ordered substance produced in the composting process. The higher the percentage of the complex in the organic matter derived from the compost, the more rights in this mass called compost.

The value of humus for nature and humanity cannot be overstated. The mere fact that humus is the basis of soil fertility (in which it is formed by the natural process of composting), making it an invaluable product of nature. As for the mushrooms, they existed long before people appears, it is estimated creation. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of years, humus is the main food of mushroom mycelium.

COMPOSTING TECHNOLOGY The choice is yours.

During my work, I had had repeatedly to participate or be present during the discussion of issues cultivators composting technology. Unfortunately, quite often have a situation where communication is reminiscent of the story of four blind people who met the elephant and they felt it. Each of them explains different part of the body of an elephant. Some of them spoke about elephant trunk, other about tail, or belly and legs. Then these blind long argued that there is an elephant. With regard to the mushroom, we can say that we often judge the composting process as a whole, having a "hands on" pieces of the process, we assembled somewhere, hear, read, received as a "major military secrets" at a seminar or a different "experts" from the Internet. At the same time, we spend money, power, time, trying to get a high-yielding compost technology what is based on this set of technologies "scraps." Similar results we are can obtain when attempting to use this information already existing in the workplace.

Granted, even the smallest moment of composting process in any industry, it is of interest for understanding the nature of this process. However, only in real time, and only in conjunction with the production of compost and a specific party, where the moment took place. Without all this, taken separately processing times often create a false impression about the essence of what is happening in reality. Of course, composting technology, based on this approach in the future, as a rule, presents many unpleasant surprises.

My approach to the development of composting technology is : to create a new company, based on a selection of options that enables the highest quality performance of the key points of fact (principles) of composting, the optimal combination of the terms of the creation of the enterprise.
This conditions includes: the types and quality of available raw material, the volume of future production, engineering, construction, energy and financial resources of the Customer, the climatic conditions at the location of production produced, reasonable cost of goods manufactured, the maximum potential yield of the future of compost and other nuances that arise in the course of. At the same time - the technology should be as simple and cheap as possible without loss of yield. Formula compost must have a minimum of components. The number of working with compost, especially manual labor has to be minimal. What kind of equipment is determined only by the efficiency of its use in combination with economic expediency rather than on the prestige of companies - producers. Checkpoints quality work done, and the flow of the composting process must be understandable to any level of education of employees compost production. For more information, use the simplest available tests. Time of composting should be minimal, which makes it great savings in the area of the composting plant, compost increases the yield per ton of straw, compost, and of course must have a high potential maximum yield.
My mandatory requests are - participation in the development of future team members. This joint work is very positive impact on the implementation process adopted technology in production.

Bring nature in the composting plant.

Despite all the apparent complexity of the process of formation of nitrogen-rich lignin-humus complex that is humus, the essence of the process, by my meaning it can be easy and clearly explained to majority of people who are planning to engage in composting. Let us start with the fact that the nature of this process is all without human intervention, with its science, technology and other advances. Moreover, as soon as this process is interposed person in the nature reserves of humus accumulated over hundreds of thousands of years, is rapidly coming to end, heralding a global catastrophe. However, this is different story.

Let we return to the process of humification in the nature. The essence of this process is that has to be very simple. Organic residues decompose into their constituents, and these blocks are constructed intermediate materials from which eventually formed humus.

In nature, it's all going very slowly, probably because of the conditions necessary for the processes of formation of humus, are not always available, and often far from optimal. The optimal conditions for humus formation, is at least a seasonal conditions in the nature, and yet, depending on the natural coincidence.

At this speed the process of formation of humus, compost production would be very difficult to make cost-effective. However, if you provide favorable conditions for the controlled processes of each stage of the formation of nitrogen-rich lignin-humus complex during the actual required time, the solution of this problem radically changes the situation. This technology reduces to a few days of the composting process, regardless of the status of production, the complexity of the technique used (including the fully manual labor), and even (!) without the presence of foreign technologist for the mushroom production. At the same time, we are able to greatly simplify the technology, and therefore, it’ will make mushroom production cheaper. Relation between cost of production, and obtained yield and quality of mushrooms grown on compost prepared by this technology make it possible to survive with dignity, not only the "invasion" of the Polish and Chinese mushrooms, and not even always clear pricing policy of some domestic manufacturers.


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JKSingh, Lucknow, India:

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