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Without chicken manure compost? Yes, it's possible!

8 сентября 2012


I sugest to you, look this few pictures of compost overgrown with mycelium.

Overgrowing 16 days.

Compost is made from straw and dry chicken manure. Total time of Phase I was 17 days.Presoaking straw 3 days. 6 turning in Phase I.

Overgrowing 13 days.

Compost is made from straw and wet chicken manure of hens grown in cages. Total time of Phase I was 15 days. Presoaking straw for 2 days. 3 turning, during Phase I.

Overgrowing 14 days.

Compost is made from straw and wet chicken manure hens growen in cages. Total time of Phase I of 12 days. Presoaking straw absent. 5 turning during Phase I.

Overgrowing 12 days.

Compost is made from straw and an alternative source of nitrogen, that is absolutely no chicken manure!

Total time of Phase I of 11 days. Presoaking straw absent. 2 turning, during Phase I.
The right to make any conclusions I leave to you, dear visitors.


  1. Natrayan, 13 мая 2016:

    Please furnish the details of compost formula with out chicken manure

    • Natrayan, 13 мая 2016:

  2. Rahim, 25 декабря 2013:

    Thanks for your very useful information about compost without chicken manure.<br>My question is about your nitrogen sources. what is it? and how is process.<br>please guide me how can I register to your site?<br>the best regards<br>Rahim<br>my Email is:

    • ALIREZA., 26 января 2016:

      THANK you for your iformation.i have question about materials that you used and how much Nitrogens added per ton of straw.
      best regards.

  3. Царев Александр Владимирович, 25 декабря 2013:

    Dear Mr. Greig,<br><br>In principle, one can use any source of Nitrogen, which contains more than 30% protein.<br><br>A choice that will be used nitrogen sources will depend on its price and availability of raw materials.<br><br>Best Regards<br><br>Alexandr Tsarev

  4. Царев Александр Владимирович, 25 декабря 2013:

    Dear Mr. Faisal!<br><br>Thank you for your kind interest in my site .<br><br>To be able to answer on your question, please can you send me, some information about your production.<br><br>Can you send to me some picture of mushroom growing plant, and compost production yard. <br><br>In addition, can you write some information about compost production, weekly, monthly, same as mushrooms? How much mushrooms you produce weekly, monthly. <br><br>To be able to answer at your request, also, can you write what row materials you use for compost production, and do you have chemical analysis, of row material you use to make compost.<br><br>Best regards Alexander

  5. Greig, 25 декабря 2013:

    I am intrigued!!<br>What is the alternative nitrogen source?<br>Greig

  6. Faisal, 25 декабря 2013:

    That is astonishing! Very well done! Please email me the entire formula and method of preparing this type of compost. Email ID:


amir ommati:

thx a lot for your best answer to my mr tsarev.
1-for your first qustion i saw mycogone in day 13...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Amir Ommati!
On which day after the application of peat to compost, the first signs of a mikogon...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Fouzi
You will be contacted by my partner. He is an Arab and you will be comfortable with him...

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sir pliz tell me about the irrigation requirements of the mushroom cultivated in plastic bags with straw...

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Dear Emmanuel Chimanga!
I'm sorry that I could not immediately answer you. The usual depth of...

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Dear Fouad Dagher
Tunnels of 2 phases (pasteurization) of compost are made at the location of the...

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Dear Ali Karim!
I apologize for not being able to answer you right away.
Please send more information...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Hai Nguyen!
The usual depth of the cover layer is 4-6 cm. Weight is 26-30 kg per 1 m2. It depends...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Shahar!
I do not use formalin for a long time. The best way to disinfect the growth chambers...

Царев Александр Владимирович:

Dear Tejpal!
These mites usually live in the feathers of chickens. If there was a lot of cold compost...

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