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Citizen living in Almaty were able to choose between the Chinese and their own, local mushrooms.

6 июня 2011

mushroom farm, Kazahstan

And the vast majority of consumers of the delicacy and useful products, made its choice in favor of fungi that have been cultivated by local mushroom grower in the new complex near the former capital of Kazakhstan.

But that was then, at the end of a long hard way a mushroom production.

It all began in the summer of 2009, when Kazakh businessman Anuar Serik, buying again, Chinese mushrooms in the market, thought:

”Why not start to grow their mushrooms in Kazakhstan? In the volumes that would be a serious competitor to imported products. At that time, local mushroom cultivators grew mushrooms in very small amounts and almost at the amateur level. The quality of these fungi, the amount and regularity of supply - all made these "production" unable to compete with the supply of imported products.

Industrial R & Mushroom - is fairly new for Kazakhstan, and to be the first is always very difficult, though honorable and profitable. If we describe in detail all that had to overcome a team being built under the guidance of mushroom complex Anouar, this work will be serious competition to the famous book "How the Steel Was Tempered”. But people had more problems - financial, technical, personnel and many others. And when the first tons of mushrooms began to be received to the finished product warehouse, joy was unlimited! Joy and pride in the fact that no matter what difficulties and circumstances, the company started to work and produce products - mushrooms of high quality.

In turn, I hope that my participation in this project, too, played a positive role. Together we have developed the technological process, which allowed the best use of local facilities for raw materials, technique and equipment. Much attention and effort was devoted to building the company, its launch in job training. Some elements of the technology (composting and maintaining climate parameters in the growing room for mushroom growth) were realized for the first time, and not only in Kazakhstan, and perhaps (at least) in the CIS. But perfection has no limits, and now the analysis of work; explore opportunities to introduce more new technology elements that enhance the economic efficiency of production. Implementation of these plans will make this complex the base for the development of the mushroom industry in Kazakhstan!

Only optimism on the verge of fantasy helped to believe that after six months here will collect mushrooms

A good foundation - the foundation of all, especially the tunnels pasteurization

The construction process is in full swing

The first filling of the pit for recycled water

Composting plant is almost ready

Local straw - a good puzzle for manufacturers of compost

Phase 1 composting

These mountains have seen a lot, but saw the mushroom complex for the first time

The first loading tunnel pasteurization

Finished compost Phase 2

Finished compost Phase 2

This is me - Tsar Alexander in the chamber 3 phases

Ruslan with the first mushroom. Thanks to this man has started a compost production and not only

These mushrooms can safely compete with Chinese mushrooms, and any other

In the center of Serik Anwar - the main disturber "mushroom" tranquility of Kazakhstan. He is the main ideologist, organizer and curator of the project. Left - Baurzhan, managed to close "is" almost all supplies in the construction of mushroom production. Right - Nurzhalgas, apart from a decent part in creating the future of the enterprise, thoroughly mastering the production process employed. Asel learns to be process operator.

Completion of this article I want to say, paraphrasing a famous line of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky:

I know —
will be,

I know —
we eat,

such people

in the country
in the Kazakh


  1. Jlala, 6 февраля 2016:

    Very nice work.

  2. davender rana, 25 декабря 2013:

    hi i am davender from india . i want to know about mushroom cultivation in kazakhstan

  3. Pila, 25 декабря 2013:

    Thanks for sharing


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