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Clothes and towels
Pickers that move from room to room can unintentionally spread pests and diseases. That is why clothes and towels should be changed every day. Its necessary to have a clean change of work wear. The sleeves must be narrow, otherwise, while harvesting mushrooms from the middle of the bed with the sleeves wide and hanging, new pins can be damaged. Its the best to work in overalls or sports clothes.

It must have a flat crepe sole, which doesnt slip. During work, theres a risk of slipping on moist floor, metal racks, mushroom remains etc. We recommend to monthly check the footwear in order to insure the safety of working personnel.

Especially made for mushroom harvesting. The knife must be sharp. With a dull knife, its easy to damage the mushrooms and moreover, the pickers pace of work will be low. In some industries a soft brush is attached to the other end of a knife. With its help, the stuck particles of peat on the mushroom hats are removed.

If youre using gloves, they should be surgical or disposable. The gloves must be always clean. After the work is done, they should be thoroughly cleaned. Its forbidden to take the gloves to the toilet. New gloves must be used at moving to a new room. Gloves that became sticky shouldnt be used. Gloves that have been worn out should be thrown into especially provided waste-baskets. Dont leave them with mushroom wastes.

or dimensional rings are used when the mushrooms size cant be determined correctly or when necessary.

The boxes mustnt be put on top of the bed in no circumstances. You can damage the mushrooms. Moreover, boxes become wet and dirty and can spread pests and diseases. Every time, filled boxes must be put from racks onto the floor.

Containers for mushroom wastes
Mushrooms mustnt fall into containers with mushroom wastes. There mustnt be any knives, brushes, gloves, towels and other foreign objects. After filling the bags or containers with mushroom wastes, the containers must be closed tightly, and bags must be tied up and prepared to be taken away from the industry.
There must be no rubbish among harvested mushrooms.

Keep the racks clean. When dirty, they can become slippery, and that is a life safety risk.


Rajeev khan, kangra:

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